Adventure  LbNA # 9958 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 8 2004
LocationRaleigh, NC
Found By The Gamecock
Last Found Jul 24 2005
Hike Distance?

Location: Jaycee Park
Letterbox: Adventure

Jaycee Park is located in Raleigh, NC off Wade Avenue by Oberlin Road

Turn into Jaycee park, follow the parking lot straight back and park near the softball fields

Follow the path behind the Octagonal Building, the brick road will lead you to the Gazebo

The Gazebo is where your ADVENTURE begins

Ben is on the path to the hidden staircase

At the top of the staircase let the stream guide you along your way. Go with the flow.

Do not be tempted to cross the stream

There will be many choices, but stay by the stream

The tree trap on the path will let you know you are on my trail

Pass the tree trap and your view will open up on the right

If you try to turn, the path will lead you off a cliff

Go straight to the "Y"

At the "Y", right would be wrong

A garden of Ivy will surround you on your way

The first bridge is only for the impulsive

The second bridge is where my friend hides, and if you were to cross you will step right over him

After restoring my friend to his home, away from civilization you should head.

On unexplored path you will be coming toward me

You will soon pass the tree roots that will try to twist your ankles

Then around the bend and up up up you will go

On top, look down - an arrow points the way

Down you go, over the bridge and upstream, right to me

Around the triangle of trees, continue upstream to me

Around the bend will be a house plant. If you go down to the stream here you can see a piggy bathing in the waterfall

The piggy's head points to me

And in the V is me.

Continue following the stream up the Cinder trail to the Oasis.