Pikes Peak  LbNA # 9949

Placed DateAug 8 2004
CountyEl Paso
LocationColorado Springs, CO
Planted BySerena    
Found By Johnsosaurus
Last Found Aug 6 2016
Hike Distance?
Last EditedSep 15 2015

This is a nice and easy hike.
Go to Pikes Peak entrance and proceed to Crystal Reservoir. Park in lot next to gift shop. Take sidewalk trail leading past "mining for gemstones" and the fishing station. Take gravel trail up hill to right. Stay to right on trail and then stay to right at the "Y" split in trail. There should be an open grassy area to your left with the reservoir now behind you.
When you come to a small log across the path of the trail, stop and turn around facing back towards where you came from. Look towards your left, you will see a rock formation. Walk towards it. Look under big rock in front of larger pine tree. You will have to move several tree limbs to find my letterbox.
Please bring your own stamp and pen. Also, please bring a ziplock bag in case a new one is needed. Thank you for participating!