Skunk Bucket @ St. Edwards Park  LbNA # 9870 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 6 2004
LocationKenmore, WA
Found By fishouttawater
Last Found Jul 12 2008
Hike Distance?

The Skunk Bucket @ St. Edwards Park:

The boys of summer planted this "Skunk Bucket" letterbox in August 2004. It is located in St. Edwards Park. Enter the park from Juanita Drive NE. Follow the road to the Y and veer to the right. Go past the open fields to the Gymnasium. Park in the Parking lot North of the Gymnasium. Cross the parking lot in a Northerly direction to the Kiosk. Behind the Kiosk is a metal trail marker for the Perimeter Trail. Orient yourself on the Metal Marker and head East through the North Trail Head Gate and down the trail. Follow the trail through the switchback and you will be heading West down into the Forest Primeval.

Continue for quite a while past the stump in the middle of the trail. The trail dips down and back up a slight rise under the two leaning towers. Continue along the trail down hill to a cedar canopy. Right after you pass under the cedar canopy, the trail switchbacks again. You will see a large Douglas Fir on the right side of the trail. With your back to the Fir proceed at 200 degrees to a small "cathederal" of trees. At the far side of the "Cathederal" you will find a beautiful Western Red Cedar.

Orient off the Western Red Cedar to 34 degrees. Directly ahead of you is a nurse stump. Climb up the hill to the Nurse Stump. In a hole in the back of the stump, you will find the "skunk bucket." It is hidden under pieces of bark.

Please leave "Skunky" in the bucket for everyone to enjoy and replace the skunk bucket and the bark after you have signed our book.

P.S. We saw "Woody Woodpecker" (a piliated Woodpecker) here in the "Cathederal" when we planted this letterbox.