Finch Arboretum  LbNA # 9678 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 30 2002
LocationSpokane, WA
Found By Riverwild
Last Found Apr 23 2006
Hike Distance?

Go to the finch arboretum main parking lot. From there turn so that you are facing south. Walk south until you get to the main service road at the extreme south side of the park. Follow this road west until it ends. Standing in the middle of the dirt lot and facing north there are two trails leading into the trees. Take the trail that DOES NOT lead into Cory Glen. The trail will lead you across a larger trial intersecting almost perpendicular to the one your on. Cross this trail and you should beging to turn west. The frist small bridge that you come to hides your treasure. Standing on the bridge admiring the water rushing towards you, kneel down and what you seek is hidden by a rock under the bridge on the southern side.

Happy Trails!