Parks ‘n Kids Series - #3 Dora  LbNA # 9670

Placed DateJul 29 2004
CountyHood River
LocationHood River, OR
Planted Bykokopelli    
Found By lostbears
Last Found Jul 23 2012
Hike Distance?

This 5-letterbox series was created with our precious letterboxing kids in mind (ages 5 to 15, though don’t ignore the kid in you). The clues are meant to be deciphered by the kids themselves so that our accompanying letterboxing parents/guardians can stand back, watch and enjoy the magic!! Paces are based on kid-sized steps and should be easy to navigate. The intention was to hide boxes in a number of parks with playgrounds (where the clues begin) around Hood River! All parks are picnic friendly and offer plenty of shade. Grab the kids and have a great letterboxing adventure!!!

Dora is hiding at the Oak Grove County Park in west Hood River. To get to the park from I-84, take exit 62, then head west on Country Club Road, past the Hood River Golf Course to the junction of Portland Drive and Reed Road. Find the driveway labeled “2121” and pull in, parking on the left side of the lot. Let the adventure begin…

CLUES: Start at the playground. I spy with my little eye... something yellow!!!
Take a swoosh on this kids' favorite and begin your hunt at the bottom looking west where I spy with my little eye... something big, old and white!! Don't go there! Stay put!! I just want to make sure you're in the right place!!
Look towards your right...
I spy with my little eye... something big, round, cool and gray!!!
Go tag it. Face north and spy the row of cedar trees that separate the park from someone's backyard.
I spy with my little eye... I big oak giant growing closest to this row of cedars.
I also spy with my little eye, a little trail that leads to the base of that giant!!
Take the trail to the base of the giant!!
There at the oak's foot, under rock hides Dora!!!