Parks ‘n Kids Series - #2 Weaving a Wetterbox Web  LbNA # 9660

Placed DateJul 29 2004
CountyHood River
LocationHood River, OR
Planted Bykokopelli    
Found By PenGwen
Last Found Jul 29 2007
Hike Distance?

This letterbox is temporarily out of service. Upon checking Spidey, I found the contents to be quite soggy and in need of rejuvenation. Stay tuned!! It should only be a day or two and Spidey will be back, slinkin' around the playground!!

This 5-letterbox series was created with our precious letterboxing kids in mind (ages 5 to 15, though don’t ignore the kid in you). The clues are meant to be deciphered by the kids themselves so that our accompanying letterboxing parents/guardians can stand back, watch and enjoy the magic!! Paces are based on kid-sized steps and should be easy to navigate. The intention was to hide boxes in a number of parks with playgrounds (where the clues begin) around Hood River! All parks are picnic friendly and offer plenty of shade. Grab the kids and have a great letterboxing adventure!!!

CLUES: Kids have noticed a lot of spidey-like webs hanging around the Children’s Park in Hood River. Word has it that Peter Parker came through town and found this park to be a great spot to practice Spidey-webmoves!!! Some say he’s still hanging around…

From Cascade/Oak Street in Hood River, head up (south) 9th Street past the four-way stop intersection of State Street. There on the left is the Children’s Park. This park was a joint venture taken on by the community and the local Rotary Club to provide a great spot for the little ones to exercise their energy-packed bodies and imaginations!!

Start at the playground. The hunt is itchin’ to get started so save the playing time for after the find!! In this park, there are four slides ending in all directions. Find the one that lands at the northeast corner of the playground. Find the swings to the right and go stand at the big center post on the northeast side. Face east. See the concrete walk that goes up to the enclosed basketball court? Head up and all the way across the front of the basketball fence to the wall at the east end. Step out onto the grass and find the two big trees just to your right. You’ll find Spidey hiding out at the base of the left tree under brush!!