Parks ‘n Kids Series - #1 Bob the Builder  LbNA # 9659

Placed DateJul 29 2004
CountyHood River
LocationParkdale, OR
Planted Bykokopelli    
Found By kokopelli
Last Found Jul 28 2008
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This 5-letterbox series was created with our precious letterboxing kids in mind (ages 5 to 15, though don’t ignore the kid in you). The clues are meant to be deciphered by the kids themselves so that our accompanying letterboxing parents/guardians can stand back, watch and enjoy the magic!! Paces are based on kid-sized steps and should be easy to navigate. The intention was to hide boxes in a number of parks with playgrounds (where the clues begin) around Hood River. All parks are picnic friendly and offer plenty of shade. Grab the kids and have a great letterboxing adventure!!!

CLUES: Bob the Builder had a big project to work on while in Hood River and now it’s time for you to find him and get him back to work! Head to Wilson Park at the east end of May Street in Hood River. From Cascade/Oak Street (the main street you're on after exiting I-84), turn south on 13th Street and head up the hill. Turn left on May Street after passing the Hospital. Travel on May Street, past May Street School, to the end. That's where you'll find Wilson Park. This park is a small one, but a good one.

Start at the playground. Get your adventure started by taking a ride down the slide. At the end, turn around and face the slide you just came down. Look out beyond the playground and find the white mailbox near the road's edge. Take a jog over and find the numbers on it and add them all up. Save this number. You'll use it later!! Now take a look around and find the powerpole with a gold-colored plaque with numbers on it. If you're spirited enough, skip your way over to the pole and add a cartwheel in for good measure!! Take a look at the numbers and add them all up. Save this number too!! Now add up all the eyes, ears, arms, legs, fingers and toes a typical person would have. Add this number to the other two numbers you've added to get one total number. Whew!! No take a look around the playground and find the serpent-looking monkey bars. Take the total number you've added and walk that many steps in the serpent's direction. You should end up at the base of a giant pine that protects the playground. There at the base, between the base and the fence, under pine duff and bark, you’ll find Bob!!

This can be a crowded park, so please be discreet if it's busy. This box has been replaced a number of times, but I'm determined to keep it as active as I can!! Thanks!