A Quiz  LbNA # 9569

Placed DateJul 24 2004
Location???, MN
Planted Bym.c.bear    
Found By ???
Last Found Oct 25 2012
Hike Distance?

This letterbox is in a park in the Twin City area. There is a park fee of $5.00, but payment is on the honor system. Dogs are allowed in the park but on a leash only. The trails in the park are easy for children above 6 years old. I picked the age six because I don't know if anyone under that could walk as far as the letterbox, but I am estimating that it is at the most a half mile.

The answers to these questions will help you complete the clues:

1. What is the last name of the man who built Mount Vernon?

2. The name of the official Minnesota state tree is made up of two words. What is the second word?

3. What letter was Hester Prynne from the Scarlet Letter forced to wear on her dress?

4. A pencil is sharpened to a _________________.

5. What is the name of the official Minnesota state mushroom?

6. The letter V is the roman nurmeral for what number?

7. In this children's story, the pigs try to "huff and puff and blow the house down." How many pigs made up this notorious fairy tale gang?

8. The next number after the number in 6 above is?

9. What is the square root of 49.

This park is located in the county of ________________(the answer to number 1 above).

The name of the park is number 2 and number 4 above.

The parking lot you want is off _________________ Avenue. The name of this avenue rhymes with the answer to number 5 above. At the parking lot study the map.

Find the cross county ski trail that is marked by the letter in number 3 above.

Go to point V (number 6 above) on the trail. Very shortly (8 to 10 feet) you will come to 2 posts, one on either side of the trail. The post on the right has a chain that can be hooked to the post on the left. After you pass the posts, the trail goes straight or off to the right. Follow the trail to the right. Somewhere along this trail you will see a sign post marked with the letter from number 3 above with a number _____ underneath (question 8 above). This marker will confirm that you are on the right trail. At the end of the trail, you can go left or right. Go to the right.

Continue on the right trail down the hill. You will see a sign with the letter from number 3 above with the number ______ below it (answer number 9 above). Shortly you will come to a cross roads again. Go to the left this time.

On this portion of the trail go to the top of the first hill. At the top of the hill, you will notice that the trail takes a slight turn to the left. Where this trail starts its slight turn to the left, there will be a thin tree to the right of the trail. From this tree, count 45 paces down the trail. At this point, to the left of the trail, you will see a tree stump about 4 feet tall about 5 feet in the from the trail. Count 5 more paces down the trail and there will be a large tree to the left of the trail edge. Lying perpendicular to this tree and behind it will be a log that has many roots attached to it. Count five more paces on the trail and stop. Look into the woods to your left and look about ten paces into the woods for a tree with ________ trunks (answer to number 7 above). In between these trunks is the letterbox hidden under bark. You will know that you are at the right tree because once you get there, you will notice a 4th trunk connected to the tree, but it is only a stump about 4 feet tall.

Happy hunting.