Queen Mab's Chaminade  LbNA # 9504 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 1 2004
CountySanta Cruz
LocationSanta Cruz, CA
Found By denidragonfly
Last Found Nov 9 2007
Hike Distance?

The coolness of the redwoods on a hot summer's day........

Dogs are okay to bring on this hike, if they stay leashed. Bring along your scat skills. We've seen evidences of coyote, fox, banana slugs and dogs. Also keep an eye out for poison oak. The trail is wide and usually cleared of the poison oak, but it's a good teaching tool if you have children with you. It takes about 45 minutes to complete the loop.

from Soquel Drive or Avenue, turn up Thurber Lane. You can only turn one way onto Thurber.

At four way stop signs (Winkle avenue), turn left. Turn right on Cabrillo Avenue. Turn left onto Katherine. Park your car near the park.

Enter the trail through the chainlink fence. You are now on Chaminade property.

Once through the fence turn right. At the fork in the trail, turn left and stay on the old blacktop road.

Descend down to a road. Stay to the right of the three trees, but left of the wooden shingled house. Follow the trail around the corner.

You are now entering Queen Mab's territory. You must cross three bridges. After the third bridge, look for an old, big burned-out redwood cathedral. Behind the stump that points to heaven is where you will find the box you seek. Move the leaf debris.

Follow the trail up out of Queen Mab's Chaminade. Take your time, the climb is steep. When you enter the clearing, after three cement blocks, stay on the trail towards the right. The trail meanders behind some houses. That is the trail that will lead you back to the entrance.

Could It Have Been a Shadow, by Monica Shannon

"What ran under the rosebush?
What ran under the stone?
Could it have been a shadow,
Running away alone?
Maybe a fairy's shadow,
Slipping away at dawn
To guard a gleaming pot of gold
For a busy leprechaun."