Mr. Chong's Box  LbNA # 9420 (ARCHIVED)

Placed Date
CountySan Luis Obispo
LocationSan Luis Obispo, CA
Found By monotonia
Last Found Mar 10 2006
Hike Distance?

In a small square corner brick building at 798 Palm Street, part of what was considered to be San Luis Obispo's Chinatown, Mr. Chong opened his candy shop in 1950, having inherited the building from his brother who ran a diner there for years. Mr. Chong was a wonderful man who made delicious candy, and his shop was known as a magical place to visit for almost three decades, until he died in 1978.
The building still stands, and is currently used as a real estate office, but a plaque on the front tells of Mr. Chong and his candy.
From Mr. Chong's front door, cross Chorro street and walk up the sidewalk past a school crossing sign, to where a red fence meets a block of concrete. The box is behind a rock in that corner. Please be discreet and conceal the box when you are finished stamping in.