To Have and To Hold  LbNA # 9409 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 17 2004
LocationPortland, OR
Planted Bypupp    
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Warning: if you oppose the idea of same sex loving couples getting married, then you may not want to seek out this box.

A long time ago, while courting, we sat on this bench one romantic night. It over looks the Williamette River and some of the Portland lights. On SW Twilliger Blvd is the Chart House. Going downhill, the next turnout with a bench is the place you may want to park. There is 2 hr parking there, but there is no way you should need that long to find the box, stamp in, and enjoy the view. Well, maybe if you enjoy the view a LOT. Sit on the bench. Look at the bench and surrounding area. See anything interesting? If so, let us know. Who knows, there might be a bonus travelor or something if you tell us that you saw what I'm thinking of. The bonus travelor is usually on me, so the next time you see me, lemme know. Directly across the street is a tree. Ok, theres LOTS of trees, but this one is directly across from the bench. At the base, under the ivy, along the right side is the box. The box is painted grey.

Please drop me an email and let me know the status of this box. I like hearing when people enjoy my boxes.

This is another one of my boxes that is great for the mobility impaired. Please be careful while crossing the street. The clues are easy and hiking is easy, so the trick is to be discrete.

The bonus stamp is on me, so the next time you see me, ask me for it - if you can tell me what you saw and it matches what I'm thinking of.

Happy boxing.