Cross my heart, hope not to die  LbNA # 9383

Placed DateJul 16 2004
LocationVancouver, WA
Planted Bypupp    
Found By Bookworm (WA)
Last Found Sep 7 2007
Hike Distance?

Go to the dog park near the QFC on 164th. Make sure you take your best friend with you. At the entrance, take the trail in front of you. Continue down the path, through the orchard, stopping for all the cool smells, checking out all the wildlife that will be scampering FROM you if you followed the directions and brought your best friend, and toward the fence and houses. At the 126 tower, look to your left and down the greenway. In the shade of the pear tree and under a mossy piece of concrete is the box.

Jett and Tank gave this park two tails up.

Happy hunting and happy doggie tails, Team Nashoba (Pupp, Jenn, Jett, and Tank)