The Sam Series  LbNA # 9378 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 17 2004
LocationSkamania, WA
Planted ByThe Brat Pack    
Found By Mystic Dreamer
Last Found Sep 24 2006
Hike Distance?

A bunch of Sam's found this darling trail and just HAD to put a series of boxes here. It is by far our best to date, (actually it's our only series to date as the Brat Pack) but it's well worth the trip. The trail is extremly easy, nice and flat. It could even be navigated by strollers with larger wheels. The dogs enjoyed it thoroughly and we had a great time hiding these. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

Sam's Walker Trail

Level: Easy
Amount of Use: Moderate
This is a two-mile trail with two loops through oak and conifer forests and meadows with nice views of the Columbia River. Turn left on the west end of Skamania Landing Road- this road is a loop - don't take the east end.) Cross the railroad tracks and continue for 1/4 mile. To the right you will see a parking area at the trail head. Elevation: 60 feet.

Toucan Sam Box - Carved by Pupp
Toucan flew down the trail and through the meadow in search of a place to rest. He could see a large snag dead ahead and aimed his weary wings for it. He landed on a branch high above, but dropped a box at its base. (Hidden well by some mossy bark)

Sam I Am Box - Carved by Maiden
Do you like green eggs and ham? If so continue on your way until you reach the next intersection. Go right about a tenth of a mile. To your right you'll see a twisted dead tree. Would you eat them in a tree? On your knees by a tree? If so, look INSIDE the base of the twisted tree and you'll find Sam I Am!

Yosemite Sam Box - Carved by Pupp
Leave Sam I am to his green eggs and ham and go forth in search of pirate plunder. Watch out for long ear flea bitten varmits, the could be hiding close by. At your next intersection head towards the kiosk. The box isn't here but there's two benches to sit and watch the river. From the kiosk, take the trail away from the river, through the field, and into the trees. A sawed off log to the right of the trail hides Yosemite.

Uncle Sam Box - Carved by Maiden
Keep on keeping on and watch for a cedar tree leaning out towards the trail. Uncle Sam is keeping his paternal eye on all who come and go from a hole at the base behind a fern.

That's it, you made it all the way through. Hope you enjoyed our Sam Series!

Now if you're hungry, we highly suggest stopping at Lou's Texas BBQ in Camas. They have to die for ribs and brisket.

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