These boots ARE made for walking  LbNA # 9371 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMar 1 2004
LocationBastrop, TX
Found By Truffles
Last Found Nov 12 2006
Hike Distance?

Difficulty: Easy
Approximate time: 25 minutes roundtrip

Status: Alive and well on 5 June 2004

Enter the park and go to the Copperas Creek Camping Area. Park at the Group Picnic Area/Bathrooms. From the picnic area, walk west to the road beginning with Camping Plot #68. Walk to the end of this road and you will find the trailhead. Follow the trailhead, down the steps and across the bridge. Follow the trail markers past the primitive campgrounds. Cross the creek bed and proceed up the steps to the trail marker with the map. Follow the Red trail to the right and proceed downhill. Cross another creek bed and walk uphill.

From the next trail marker, take approximately 14 paces and you will find a path to the left that leads to an orienteering point with a large rock pile. At this point, you can look for the “10th Mountain Division Memorial Highway” or continue on the path. Continue in the same direction for approximately 75m. Look for an open area with the creek on your left and a small primitive fallen log “bench” on your right. Walk 8 paces from the bench and look for two twin tower trees on your right. Walk 9 paces to these trees and stand directly between them. Walk 9 paces at 80 degrees to a medium tree at the left of a small cluster of trees. Stand to the north of this tree. Walk 5 paces at 130 degrees (it is easier to walk around the grove, rather than straight at 130 degrees) to a small tree split into four with a rock pile in the middle. The LB will be under this rock pile. Please stamp and then re-hide the box well. Thanks.

1 Pace = 2 Steps

Please email with any comments. Thanks.