The Meeting Place  LbNA # 9292 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 11 2004
LocationNew Market, VA
Found By Koyote
Last Found Jul 11 2005
Hike Distance?

Missing as of 7/17/06

Go to the New Market Battlefield State Park off exit 264 on Route 81. The box is not placed within the park grounds, rather in the parking lot area. There is no fee to enter the parking lot area, however the park closes at 5:30pm.

The clues:

Enter the parking lot area and find the picnic tables in the “island”. There are (3) three rocks that are placed across the “island”. From the center rock take a compass heading of 280 degrees.

Travel in this direction approximately 55-60 paces.

You will approach an area that you may want to rest in, however you may not.

Amongst the tree with many stumps
Below the Hay
The prize you seek
You shall find.