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Placed DateAug 16 2003
Location???, NY
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Last Found Oct 8 2003
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Camp Treman Bugler

New Recruits Arriving Daily

Here is where the pick and shovel meet the bedrock. Major John Fernandes of Holyoke Massachusetts was pleased to welcome the newest C.C.C. recruits to Camp Treman. A fine batch of hard workers have arrived from local area towns. J.F. Brown and Red Iosua hail from Ledyard while Frank Everett was working in Vernon before the hard times hit. He is looking forward to working with Ali Abdallah and Jon Heaney from New London and Charlie Guay from Groton. Working in the cook shack will be Edward Blade from Manchester and Duff Crumley, originally of Wolcott but recently working in Avon.

Munson, Groton City, Enfield, Rose Hill, Windsor, East Windsor, Coventry, Guilford, Thompson, Colchester, Milford, Pittsfield, Berlin, Lisbon, Norwich, Franklin, Fairfield, and Talcottville are all represented by fine members of Camp SP-6.

Latest Projects
The fine members of Company 1265 have been busily working at the site, having moved from their tents into new wooden barracks. The Evening School has commenced two nights a week with an enrollment of 70 members of this organization and 40 residents from the county.
Within a few months of the camp opening, the men went to work decorating and painting their quarters in a manner which was soon to give them the distinction of having the Honor Company of the Corps Area. A stage grew in the Rec Hall over night and with the aid of artistic work of the enrollees, the Day Room was changed into "home."

Once settled into the Civilian Conservation Corps regime, the hard work and heavy lifting of building the walls, steep stairways, and walkways throughout the area could begin.
Directions to the Finger Lakes Letterbox:

About 4½ steep and strenuous miles, 3 hours.

Enjoy the most amazing work the members of the Civilian Conservation Corps did in the area and then head downstream, away from the crowds, to a more secluded cascade below the main tourist areas and lying between the Red Cedar Trail and the bridge at the lower intersection of the Rim Trail/Gorge Trail.

With your back to this smaller waterfall, look across the path at 030°. A tall tree has blown down towards you. Twenty steps into the woods, look behind it, under its upended stump.

The gentlemen named in the C.C.C. newsletter were actually members of the Civilian Conservation Corps 1159th Company of the 3rd District, 1st Corps Area (Greenfield, Massachusetts), who served with our beloved father, John Fernandes. Dad was an Assistant Leader of the 1159th in 1937. The Company's motto, interestingly enough, was "United We Stand."

The hometowns listed weren't really their own, just a little geographical misdirection for the Connecticut crew.