The Bird and the Butterfly  LbNA # 9146

Placed DateJun 20 2004
LocationSanctuary Woods, 66th St, Holland, MI
Found By wanderer
Last Found Oct 15 2015
Hike Distance1-2 mi
Last EditedOct 15 2015

Directions to Sanctuary Woods: Turn west on 32nd Street from US 31.
Go 5.5 miles to 66th St. Turn left(south) and the entrance is .1 mile on the right(west) side of the road.

**Last checked on Oct 15,2015 ** Both boxes are in good shape. I added a new stamp for "The Butterfly" which I learned was missing thanks to a finder's email. Also labeled it as "not a geocache".


From the parking lot look south for a trail leading into the park. Look for a bridge and then another bridge.
A picnic table but no lunch. Oh well, I'll keep going.
Now there's a fork in the trail. Right looks inviting but don't be tempted. Instead reach for the sky.
Rest if you'd like before you start your climb.
One, two; one, two. One ,two, three, four and so it goes.
Oh good, there's a bench. Time to rest but don't get too comfortable.
There's more to go. Take another rest before you start your trek through the woods. Now follow the trail straight ahead. There's a big hollow tree on the left. About 12 steps beyond the tree make the right decision. Follow the trail (which is marked in white). A dead tree on the right followed shortly by another one. Continue between the cut logs and look for your first view of the lake as you angle left. Don't trip over the tree roots but continue to the treesome threesome and then look for a bench. There's more ground to cover so continue your quest. What a view of the lake! Up the stairs and then on to a dense and bushy area. As you enter the woods and lose your view of the lake continue down a slight slope until you come to two small trees in the middle of the path immediately followed by two larger trees with lots of "feelers". From the last tree in the path take about 28 steps and look to your right. There you will find a tree that has the bird nestled in a little hiding place at the bottom facing away from the path. After returning it to its hiding place continue on the trail. You may even see some wild berries or a scarlet tanager.
Keep going until you come to the next set of steps. Follow the trail down the steps and up an incline to the Leaning Tower of Piza. Continue along the main trail to the left. Look for a white trail marker on a tree to the left. Just beyond that look for 2 large trees (the 3rd one has fallen) and 3 small trees fairly close together on the right side of the trail. (To the left is a small clearing). Go to the middle of the 2 large trees that are about 3 feet apart with the 2 small ones in the middle of them. Look for your prize under the log at the base of trees..
Please be sure to hide the box well since it is close to the trail. After hiding the box back in its place continue up the last flight of steps and the trail will take you back to where you started.
Please let me know if there are any issues that need to be taken care of. Thanks. I hope you enjoyed your walk in the woods to find the bird and the butterfly.