Sweden's Horse  LbNA # 8965

Placed DateJun 17 2004
CountyOther International
LocationVadstena, INT
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Vadstena,Ostergotland, Sweden.

This box is dedicated to Sofia and Par, soon to be wed.

Heading north on our Swedish journey, visiting cousins and being treated like Royalty, we were advised that the little town of Vadstena would be a good overnight spot.
Vadstena is located north of Jonkoping/Huskvarna and just south of Motala at the eastern edge of Lake Vattern. From Jonkoping take E 4 getting off at Odeshog on highway 50 that continues along lake.

In Vadstena locate the Vadstena Castle near the lake and walk northwest to the path along the water. Find the Planetarium sign. Count the trees starting with the one in front of the Planetarium sign as you are heading to your left, then turning right onto the jetty. (Note, count the large trees not the new ones.) Walk along the jetty counting trees on your right between the path and the water. Between the path and the 26th tree, look for the letterbox under a moss covered rock. If you cannot locate the letterbox go the north end of the jetty and return back to the 4th lamp pole from the north end. The letterbox will be 19 steps at 110 degrees from this pole. From the nearby bench the letterbox will be at 80 degrees.