Hello Sweden  LbNA # 8963

Placed DateJun 12 2004
CountyOther International
LocationKristianstad, INT
Found By lob
Last Found Jun 11 2009
Hike Distance?

Fjalking, Skane Lan, Sweden
Nearest big city Kristianstad

Hello Sweden at Backaskog Slott (Backaskog Castle) Phone: 044-530 20

In Southern Sweden in the region of Skane our cousins from Lund booked us in rooms on the grounds of the old monastery that was established in 1250. In 1537 the monastery was seized by the Danish Crown (yes, southern Sweden was Danish then!) and the property was given to two aristocratic families. In 1584 it became the property of Crown Price Kristian’s governor, Henrik Ramel and it was turned into a fortified castle. From 1680-1818 it housed Swedish armed forces. In 1818 it became a royal summer residence for Crown Prince Oscar I who passed it on to his son, Karl XV. Since the mid 1990’s the property has been a popular tourist attraction and is maintained by the National Property Board.

Directions: From Kristianstad in Skane the castle lies between lake Ivosjon and Oppmannasjon on a narrow isthmus. Take E 22 from Kristianstad and just a bit north there will be a turn off for Fjalking and Backaskog then follow signs to the castle.

Clues: In the castle find the map of the grounds and buildings and locate “Engagement Lime”, Forlovingslinden located at #13 on the map. From the tree take 75 steps at 215 degrees to a three foot high tree stump that looks like a chair. Where the seat would be is a hole. Dig a bit under wood debris for the cylinder.

Alternate clues: From the back of Mollan I Guest hotel at the back of the castle locate the light pole at the edge of the parking lot and walk past the round metal septic cover at 275 degrees going about 100 steps to the 3 foot high tree stump that looks like a chair with a back.

Extra help: If you locate the water pump in the vicinity of the Engagement tree walk at 240 degrees from the pump to the stump.

The tree is not an actual Lime tree but a Linden tree. The tree became so named because King Karl XV’s daughter, Louise became engaged to Danish Prince Fredrik VIII under the tree in 1868.
This box was planted during a visit in June 2004. If you live in the area and wish to adopt the box please contact us. We would appreciate hearing from any visitors to the area.

Note: We received a note from a local Geocacher/Letterboxer on Jan24,2009.

Hello again!

I have finally had the time to take another tour to the castle of Bäckaskog. Though, i am afraid that I am now very sure that the box is either gone, or very much smaller than I think. How small was it?

Anyway, I am now 99% sure that I know where it was supposed to be. And, since I feel that it would be a pity if this letterbox were shut down, I took myself the liberty of placing a new box in that stump!

I hope that is all right with you. I even added a very nice old stamp that I inherited from my grandfather. It is a very nice picture of the very Bäckaskog castle.

So, since you in the text asked for someone to adopt the letterbox, may I adopt from you the box that I placed today? :) If I can, I can translate the text to Swedish and publish it on the site we mostly use here for treasure hunting, "www.geocaching.com" That is a site for treasure hunting mainly with a GPS, but not only. If I may adopt it, I will not change anything in the text, besides from that I publish a set of coordinates to show where you can park your car. In that way many other treasure hunters around here will find it on the internet and be able to search for it. Is that ok?

I know it sounds kind of weird, that I am asking if I may adopt a letterbox, which I actually just have replaced. But, I think that it will be better that way than if you close down your old and I open up a new, on the exact same spot. :) This way your old one can live on, though with a new box and a new stamp.

Greetings from Scania! (Skåne)