HTC#1 - Royal Coachman  LbNA # 8901 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 19 2004
LocationAlturas, CA
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I caught my first trout in the Heritage Trout Challenge today, a Warner Lakes Redband Trout. It's the rarest heritage trout in California.

This is a drive by box, but in the middle of no where. 1846.... settlers headed for the Willamette valley were having a very difficult time following the trail down the Columbia River this new trail to the south was forged over the Warner Mountains, it's reported that they were so excited at having crossed the last barrier that they dance the Fandango well into the night, hence the name Fandango Pass. You can approach this box from either west of east, it's on forest road 9 between Goose Lake (Hwy 395) and Fort Bidwell (Surprise Valley Rd) Stop at the top of the pass. Read the marker about the history of the Applegate Lassen Trail. You can check you pace count by stepping off the distance from the north corner of the cement base of the marker at 50 magnetic and pacing the distance to the first post on the guard-rail. I got 9 two step paces. The box is found 25 pace at 140 magnetic from the back of the Applegate Trail sign. Look in the top of the snag.

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