Vale of Tawasentha  LbNA # 8812

Placed DateOct 14 2002
LocationAlbany, NY
Found By Sammy and Zach
Last Found May 17 2014
Hike Distance?

***This is an adopted letterbox I last checked it in april and all seems to be intact. I will be changing the case shortly as well as preserve the log as need be. TiceStamp....*****

Placed October 14, 2002 by the Lone Biker

Tawasentha Park
Route 146
Guilderland, New York

Easy, less than one hour; about a half mile. But be careful in wet
weather - the trails can be slippery!

Tawasentha Park, located on Route 146, is the largest Park in
Guilderland. There are 213 acres of rolling terrain bisected by the
Normanskill Creek. The swimming pool facilities are open from the
last Saturday in June through Labor Day. A pavilion is available for
group activities, and must be reserved ahead of time. There are
numerous picnic areas with tables and grills. There are also a
playground and ball fields

The Park offers fishing, boating, trails for jogging and cross-
country skiing, ice skating, sledding, basketball and tennis courts
and playground areas. The Park is used by the local Little League,
and by school cross-country teams.

I am very sorry to report that during the Summer, when the pool is
open, non-residents must pay a $10:00 fee to park from 11:00 am to
5:00 pm.

Directions: From Throughway (I-90) exit 24, take route 20 West for
about 5 miles. Turn Left on Route 146 towards Altamont; the park is
on your left about one-half mile off route 20.

The letterbox: Near the parking area near the pool and
tennis/basketball courts there is a hill, climb the hill and at the
top (after you look behind you to admire the view: GREAT SUNSETS!)
bear right onto a path that takes you into the woods at the top of
the hill. Follow this path as it gradually descends. The path will
take a sharp right turn, and JUST BEFORE it does, look to your left
for a poorly marked trail through a narrow strip of woods. This will
take you onto another trail. Turn right and head downhill on this
trail. On your left, just off the trail, look for a very tall Oak
Tree, with a stump attached. Inside the stump is the Box!

After you replace the box, continue downhill to a very nice spot next
to the Normanskill. You have to go back up the way you came, but you
can then go back to the first trail and follow it down to the
Guilderland Performing Arts Center (GPAC) Stage. Maybe you will put
on an impromptu performance! In the Summer and early Fall the flowers
in the Park on the path from the GPAC stage are especially beautiful.
The trees in the park are always beautiful!