Of All the Things I've Lost....  LbNA # 8788 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 19 2004
LocationClinton, CT
Found By Woodsman Wags
Last Found Jul 23 2009
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Of All the Things I've Lost....

Of All the Things I've Lost.....

Planted on June 19, 2004, with the help of Butterfly, grandson Riley and husband Martini Man. These are Clinton’s first boxes, in all these years!

The trip will be about one mile, with slight climbs (I had Riley on my back and it was fine), less than one hour.

This series is dedicated to those of us who have lost many items on our letterboxing treks! Can you relate to this?

The site is Peter’s Memorial Woods on Valley Road in Clinton, CT. If you get off I95 at Exit 63 in Clinton, turn onto Glenwood across from the commuter lot. Turn onto Ninety Rod Road about one half-mile up, .1 to Fairydell Road - go left. At the Y, stay straight on Brickyard . Pass Whipporwill Road on the left, and take the next right onto Valley Road. The parking area, with map board. will be on the left a short way up the road. A map is also available at www.clintonct.com/landtrust.htm.

Check the map board on the way in: you will be taking Bougie Traiil (red) and blue and Laurel Trail (yellow) for a “lollipop loop.”

Begin on red. You will notice a stone wall on the left. When it dead-ends at a laurel bush with a red blaze to the right, go back 8 steps along the wall to the biggest slab in sight. Check it out to find the Lost Pen letterbox (how many have you lost?!).

Continue on red over the wooden bridge. The trail climbs. When it levels off before another slight incline, look to the right for a rocky ledge area. Under the edge of the biggest ledge rock, find the Lost Compass letterbox. (I have lost 2 in the woods; what about you?)

Climb slightly after “finding” the compass, until red ends at a quadruple blaze. Take a right on green at the trails intersection and note a wall to your left. The pointy trapdoor rock near the end hides the Lost Sunglasses letterbox (Alan, ever find yours? Miraculously, I was able to recover mine many times!). MISSING AS OF 9/09

Now, retrace a few steps to the intersection of 4 trail colors and go straight ahead on blue (we wanted to plant on orange, but the trail is closed due to downed trees). There will be a blue blaze straight ahead of you on a small tree. Go down the great rock steps, pass a rock wall on the right, and look for two large oaks on the left right next to the trail. Check behind the larger of the two for Lost Walking Stick (Nancy, where is yours?!).

Pass through a lovely laurel grove (Riley hugged a few nice ones) until blue ends at a quadruple blaze and yellow hooks in. You will notice rocks to the right – can’t miss ‘em. The yellow-blaze rock signals your spot to check at the bottom of a nearby tree. Lost Keys reside there (Molly is sure to find these). 5/14/07 - missing! Now the keys are really lost!

Continue briefly on yellow, down to red and a right turn takes you out.

This series will have additions – there are many more items that have gone missing.
P.S. I miss my mind the most!