Roaming Around  LbNA # 8779

OwnerPost Mystress    
Placed DateJun 21 2004
Location???, CO
Found By ???
Last Found Mar 19 2005
Hike Distance?

UPDATE NOTE: I've had two reports that the box (plastic sandwich) had washed out from behind/under the rocks and down onto the road. And I thought CO was an arid area!! SO it may have become a literal 'drive by' location - just don't drive over it!! I'll keep the clues updated as long as I continue to get email status.
Back to the clues:

The 32 cent 15 stamp series, The World of Dinosaurs, was issued May 1, 1997 in Grand Junction CO. It shows two pre-historic scenes in the USA. The upper half is Colorado 150 million years ago with dinosaurs roaming possibly in the location of this LB. Certainly the footprints I saw of ornithopod and theropod are evidence of that. Going 95 paces North I came upon fossils in a Mangrove Swamp. The next stop at another 95 paces North put me in front of a Dakota Sandstone marker. The LB is a step or two up on the boulder to the right and tucked behind the pile of rocks. DO NOT REMOVE the rocks, you should be able to just reach behind them.

I think this is the box I left the Postal Express HH in. Please let me know if you are the First Finder (certificate), if the box is damaged or vaporized, and whether you also found the HH. PostMystress [at] yahoo [dot] com

Bring your own ink pad or pens (just grey – or purple if Barney is your hero)

out to stamp the USA