Hovering by the Pond  LbNA # 8659 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 14 2004
LocationEast Greenwich, RI
Found By Team Sock Monkey
Last Found Apr 22 2008
Hike Distance?


Take 95 south

Take exit 9

Take the second exit to quonset point

Bear to the right

Take a left onto frenchtown road

Go straight through the light

Continue until you see a yellow building on the right and frenchtown school on the left

(If you reach a stop sign, you missed it!)

Take a right at/right before the building, you should see a sign for frenchtown park and recreation center

Park at the parking lot where you can see the begining of a trail

Begin your walk in the frenchtown park.

Walk over the boards that keep you dry

Continue walking.

Walk over the second set of boards that keep you dry and make note of the path on your right and the waterfall below you.


Once in the clearing look out at the pond.

Look at the tallest tree near you and make note of the black bat house.

In this junction, take the middle trail (it's slightly to the right) that leads up to a place to rest.

Count the number of stairs.

Sit down and take a rest in the center of the seat.

Look at the pond

The water fall

The small trail at the second bridge

And the bat house.

Close your eyes

Turn your head as far as it can go to the left.

Open your eyes

What catches your eye?

Something greyish-white and was used as paper?

This object should have a root flare too high

Walk towards that object until your nose almost touches it.

Bend your knees as far as they will bend

Hovering by the pond, you have found our letterbox!