Alien is Lost!  LbNA # 8543 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMay 30 2004
LocationOlema, CA
Found By Black Cavalier
Last Found Jan 15 2006
Hike Distance?

UPDATE: We are sad to report that not only Alien is lost, the whole series is lost.

This is a family-friendly set of 3 letterboxes, with three short hikes to easily include young children, and the option for making it a longer event if wanted, including a visit to a gorgeous beach.

(Note that two boxes were relocated on 9/16/04, and clues added below to all three boxes.)

It's our first letterbox, and we created three of them in this series! Please email and let us know that you found them, and how you liked the experience.

Alien Explorers (ages 5, 39, 42)

Box #1: Alien

Alien arrived on planet Earth, at a gorgeous park with a pointed name. It didn't know that it might be a good idea to stop by the Visitor Center off of Bear Valley Road to get a map - this will prove to have been a mistake later on....

Once Alien's ship landed, Alien was so excited it immediately set out to explore this new planet. It left its spaceship and walked to the Bayview trailhead, where it discovered a trail heading West. After about 200 paces, it noticed a clump of stumps with visible roots on the left of the path. Utterly fatigued from his long trip and short hike, Alien decided to take a nap behind the stump with holes and roots going to the sides. It hid well, to make sure no passersby would see it while it was napping....

Will you find Alien?

Box #2: Alien's Spaceship

Alien forgot that once it was asleep, it lost all sense of direction, and that it may not find its spaceship when it woke up. Indeed, Alien was so disoriented that it couldn't really tell you which way to go!

You take the initiative: go back to your car and drive nearly a mile toward the ocean, where you'll see a left turn to the Environmental Education Center Bus Parking.

Now the environment begings to look familiar to Alien! It feels hopeful as it finds a trailhead, and confidently jogs to the right turn toward Sunset Overlook trail. You run after Alien to help it look for its spaceship for two tenths of a mile until you collapse at the top (from running, it's not steep - you're just a little out of shape). It's lucky there's a bench there. You almost forget about Alien when you notice the breathtaking view! But Alien complains that it can't remember where it left it's spaceship! There are several young Bishop Pine trees across from the bench. It occurs to you that the spaceship might be hidden under one of them. But which one?

Will you find Alien's Spaceship?

Box #3: Alien's Planet

Alas, Alien's spaceship had clearly been damanged upon landing (a lawn-mower, apparently, in its previous location, hence the move). Alien is worried that it won't make it to its planet. Will you help?

Alien's planet is a sandy, watery, wind-swept place. Continuing along the same road, drive all the way to the end and park. But before you go exploring this new planet (with clothes ranging from swim suits to sweaters and a windbreaker!), stand a moment in the parking lot facing the ocean and look at the rocks on the far right before the fence begins. Alien's home is sheltered behind one of them.

Will you find Alien's Planet and home?