Duck Powder  LbNA # 8347 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMay 31 2004
LocationExeter, NH
Planted ByJim    
Found By GreenThumb
Last Found Jan 28 2006
Hike Distance?

Duck Powder

(Unfortunately vandals have made off with this box and we haven't had a chance to carve a new stamp and replace the box yet. Vandals have also done other damage to the area as well. The walk is still very nice and the town has made some improvements. I will update this site when we have a box back in place.)

Find your way to the center of Exeter New Hampshire. In the middle of town you will see a band stand. From there you will be crossing String Bridge. It is a small street that can be seen from the band stand and is next to a nice Italian restaurant called Sal & Anthony's.

Drive over String Bridge and to the top of the hill where you will take a left. You will come to a sharp turn in the road where you will see a sign for Jady Hill ave and a white picket fence. There you will take a left down hill. At the end of this short street (there will be a pond in front of you) you take a right and park in front of a black iron gate with granite posts.

Follow the dirt path on the other side of the gates. Ahead on your right you will see an inforamtive sign, a little further on your left you will see a flag and a nice domed display. There is a nice view from here. Follow the path a bit further around the bend and look for a single white birch tree. What you seek is cradled at the trunk. Caution there might be some poison ivy in the area.