Toxic Twosome  LbNA # 8277

OwnerD n' A    
Placed DateMay 7 2004
Location???, NJ
Found By ???
Last Found Apr 17 2010
Hike Distance?

Placed by: D n' A, Raj, and Stalking Wolf
Last checked: 6/6/10 Replaced crumbling stamps, both boxes good to go.
Difficulty: Easy walking, good for a stroller

A park by a lake near a landfill
Loaded with toxins that are there still
Clay walls underground now keep it from seeping
You see not too long ago those chemicals were creeping
Out into the lake and the water underground
Now if this location you seek can be found
Lead, mercury, chromium, benzene
Arsenic and mercury still there but unseen
Keep in mind I’m no Seuss but this you should hear
Everything thrown away doesn’t disappear

This is a well-used area so please be careful retrieving and hiding the boxes. Although there is none near the boxes, there is poison ivy along parts of the trail.

Take Holly to Track.

Too Much Trash Box
Park in the first lot. Starting at the beginning of the lot, go toward the gatehouse. Follow the loop around the outer edge of the park. Note the shape of the fields suggests the track of long ago. Check out the pictures and see what it looked like in the 50's. Past Jackie McLaughlin and take the path off to the right. Go right again. Through the fence, see the orchard. Just out of sight is the landfill. Keep a look out for a low lying swampy area and find a bird house on a double tree. The far side of the bird house is blue. Where the tree splits in two is a can for you.

Dead Fish Box
After carefully hiding the first box, continue on. Eventually you’ll see the lake on your right. Just past the wooden bridge, on the left is a triple tree. At a hole in the base, make a stinky find. Continue past the Bushwackers and finish the loop to get back to the lot.