Hokitika  LbNA # 8224

Placed DateMar 24 2004
CountyOther International
LocationGreymouth, South Island, New Zealand, INT
Found By 55 steps
Last Found Nov 3 2009
Hike Distance?


This Letterbox was reported alive and somewhat well, with the stamp separating due to moisture, on November 3/09. If anyone is searching for this Letterbox, a little glue on the stamp would be appreciated. Thank you.

Please note that the stamp is inadvertently the same as the Waitomo Caves stamp.

Located on the central west coast of the South Island, west of Arthur’s Pass National Park and 41 km. south of Greymouth, the Hokitika Letterbox is easily accessible by road and is an easy find, providing it does not get washed away during high seas.

Hokitika is one of those beautiful, mystical and magical places that we all have dreamt about, but have rarely ever experienced. This is your chance! Once you get to Hokitika, make sure you experience the diverse backcountry beauty of the surrounding area.

The proximity of the rugged coastline to the mountain ranges and primeval forests is a rare experience indeed. As an added bonus, the World Heritage and Glacier Regions are located only a couple of hours south of Hokitika.

Bounded by a magnificent unspoiled coastline, shrouded by rain forests and protected by the towering might of the Southern Alps, activities vary from the extreme through to the passive. Clear mountain fed streams, lakes and rivers have excellent fishing, boating and scenery while the incredible forests allow for exhilarating explorations into unknown areas.

Hokitika, a top destination during the gold rush days of the 19th century, is now a magnet for many talented artisans supported by raw materials such as gold, jade (pounamu),clay, shell, bone, fibres, unique Ruby Rock and natural timbers.

Hokitika provides easy access to many of the untamed features of this spectacular region including gorges, blowholes, limestone caves, glaciers, mountain ranges, glow worm dells, coastal lagoons and native bush.

The ample annual rainfall nourishes the forests and sends the rivers tumbling out of mountain gorges and stocks the ice reservoirs high in the mountains, enabling valley glaciers to protrude well down into the accessible lowlands.

The Hokitika Letterbox is located at the mouth of the Hokitika River which flows from the Upper Hokitika Gorge before being joined by several other rivers, including the drainage from Lake Kaniere.


From downtown Hokitika, head toward the south end of town to Sunset Point. Sunset Point is at the west end of Gibson Quay which runs parallel to the Hokitika River as it flows into the Tasman Sea.

Once at Sunset Point, which is most aptly named, you will see an old sailing vessel, named the ‘Tambo’ up on the beach.

The bow of the Tambo points toward a path behind the dunes along the beach leading to downtown Hokitika.

35 paces along this beach path, there is a large rock to the right of the path.

The Hokitika Letterbox is hidden behind this rock under several smaller stones.

Once you have found the Hokitika Letterbox and signed in, thank you for replacing the Letterbox to ensure the integrity of its hiding place. Please ensure that there are sufficient stones protecting the Hokitika Letterbox so that it would have a good chance of survival in the event of unusually large waves. Thank you.

We hope you enjoy the search and the beautiful area of Hokitika on the wild and rugged west coast of New Zealand’s South Island.

Please contact us by email at peter@brill.ca to let us know you found this box and the condition it is in, plus any other comments you may have. We'd love to hear from you.

Happy Letterboxing!