Native Plants  LbNA # 820 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateDec 31 2001
LocationIssaquah, WA
Found By Claudia and Alex
Last Found May 26 2008
Hike Distance?

Terrain: Moderate, with a few short steep climbs
Clue difficulty: easy
Time: about 2 hours

Drive to Issaquah on I-90, and get off at exit 17, which is Front Street. Coming from the West, take a right on Front Street. Go through the center of town and follow Front St. until the intersection with 2nd Ave. SE. Thereís a stoplight here. take a left onto 2nd Ave. SE, and follow that past Issaquah High School. Take a right onto SE Evans St. Go up the hill, straight through the 4-way stop, past Clark Elementary Schoolís playfield, and take a right to park next to some softball fields.

Begin your quest by heading away from the parking lot, on the trail thatís across Evans St. This trail is very flat to begin with. Notice a very rocky, steep path to your right. Donít take it. keep going to the second right-hand trail that leads up the hill. Follow this trail as it makes many switchbacks. On a switchback that leads to your right, stop and notice two trees to the left side of the trail, along with a narrow path that leads down to the ravine. One of these trees is dead. Step around this tree and look to its base to find box #1, Western Trillium. After stamping in, keep going up the hill. Once youíre at the top of this climb, take a left and proceed down the rutted dirt road. Youíll pass the entrance for Big Tree Trail and Brink Trail on your left. The sign for the trail directly across from this has been lost, but itís the Wetlands Trail and Adventure Trail. Go through the wooden gate and wind around through low ferns and blackberry bushes. When the trail forks, go to the right. Soon youíll enter the forest, and pass and old carved sign reading "Adventure Trail." Follow the trail through the forest, among tall evergreens and stumps of old-growth trees. The trail is fairly flat at first, and then begins to climb slowly. Pass a huge old-growth stump on your right. When the trail becomes steeper, look to your left for a big, mostly-deal tree covered with moss. Directly across the trail from this tree is a small clearing. Take 6 paces into the clearing and look under the fallen tree for box #2, Rock Clematis. Proceed up the hill to continue your journey. Soon, the trail finishes its climb and begins to work back down the hill. At the end of this trail, thereís another wooden gate. Watch out, itís usually very muddy here! Continue by taking a right. This trail is considerably wider than the previous one. Thereís a small (sometimes dry) streambed on your left. Look for a skinny stump on your left, and directly across from this, a fallen tree with orange paint on its end. From this point, turn around and take 5 paces back up the trail. Look behind the exposed roots of a stump to find box #3, Sitka Columbine. To complete the hike, continue down the hill. When faced with a choice of trails, take a left and rejoin the old railroad bed on which you began. Take the trail behind the Issaquah High School athletic field, and cross the paved road. The second (not paved) road you encounter is Evans St. Take a right to return to your car.

Well Done!