Endangered Species Series - DoDo Bird Hitchhiker  LbNA # 8165

Placed DateMay 8 2004
Location???, MY
Found By ???
Last Found Jun 22 2006
Hike Distance?

This series is dedicated to the many animals that are currently on our endangered species list. Hopefully someday they will be taken off the list as the Bald Eagle was just a few years ago. With efforts we can make a difference! There are currently five boxes, and I will be adding more in the coming months.

The DoDo Bird became extinct a long time ago, or at least scientist believed they did. I found a DoDo bird, right in my backyard in Gresham, Oregon. Not being a greedy sort of person, I talked it over with him (do you have any idea how hard it is to have a conversation with a DoDo bird? They're not called DoDo's for nothing you know.) and we decided he was duty bound to repopulate the world with DoDo birds.

I released him somewhere in the Portland, Oregon area and his mission is to spread DoDo birds as far as he can. If you find this little fellow, stamp him into as many journals as you can and send him on his way.

Last reported on July 25,th somewhere in Portland.