Love Shack Wedding Memorial  LbNA # 7963 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateApr 17 2004
LocationWest Linn, OR
Found By FlyingMonkey
Last Found Jan 21 2007
Hike Distance?

I apologize ahead of time … this will be one of my cheesier compilation of clues. If you want to email me and complain about the cheesiness content feel free I can handle it.

So to find this letter box you will need the lyrics to the B52’s song “Love Shack”

Your journey starts at Mary Young State Park in West Linn.

The first line of the song “Love Shack” mentions what by the side of the road?
Well you are looking for one of these at the entrance of the Park!

In the song “Love Shack” do you go up or down the Atlanta Highway?

Well head on _____ the path like you were going to the scenic river point (this is our “love getaway”)
Keep following the “Atlanta Highway” until you pass a small bridge on your left with a waterfall that pales in comparison to the romantic Niagara directly below it.

How many people will the Chrysler in the song “Love Shack” seat?

Okay, you ever played the game he loves me he loves me not? Okay well imagine you have a daisy with that many petals on it. Start with he loves me not… if you find out that he loves you take the first right you come too. If you find he doesn’t love you the take the left right.

What is a “little old place where we can get together?”
Well keep heading down the path until you find it! You will know when you see it! It’s very obvious and lots of couples have left their mark on it so to speak.

Okay well when you find this little old place keep on going, you’re not there yet…

You know what happens at the love shack right? Well obvious we need to go to a more secluded place then!

So as you are walking there will be some off shoot trails to your right.

How many things is glitter found on in the song “Love Shack?”

If the answer is two - take the first right
If the answer is four - take the second right
If the answer is one - don’t go right it is all a trick
If the answer is two – Stand still this is all hopeless anyways

Okay so whatever trail you ended up on, it gets easier from here. Iron`Bear and I started as friends. When we shacked up the announcement said “Two hearts joined as friends – United forever in love.” So you’re looking for a tree that literally has two hearts on it.

You found it? Good, isn’t that cool? I never had anyone carve on a tree for me before. It’s so sweet! Something right out of some old love song eh? Okay well now that you found it, smile, its not that important and has no bearing whatsoever on finding the letterbox, except to let you know you are on the right trail.

Okay well just keep on going… and going… and going… until you get to the end. The end of what you ask? The end of the trail, the end of the hunt, the end of these cheesy clues that’s what!

Okay so now you are at the end, you should see a bunch of little wooden posts, and these will make a good place to stamp in. But now the important thing is finding the Love Shack… so stand in front of the tree where other lovers have left their mark. Make sure you are looking at their little monument to love. Isn’t that sweet? Yeah okay, you see that incline off to your right? You see that stump? Okay now you can start jumping up and down and singing “Love baby, that’s where it’s at, Ooo love baby, that’s where it’s at” When you are done since you suffered through these cheesy clues you should probably get the “Love Shack aka Wedding Memorial” Letterbox.

Happy Hunting,
Iron`Bear and pandora{I`B} – Team Chaos