McKeever Nature Center  LbNA # 7935 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateApr 19 2004
LocationSandy Lake, PA
Found By Rosmarinus
Last Found Oct 11 2004
Hike Distance?

Placed June 14, 2003 - Flag Day
Re-placed April 19, 2004

McKeever Nature Center


Route 358 Mercer County

East of I-79 on Route 358.

If you are into birding then this is the spot.
Bring your binoculars.

Enter the Center - drive to the parking area.

With your back to the Dining Hall find Roy W. Wilt
Auditorium. Go there. Go left around the building
and down the dirt path. Climb the stairs. Take a
moment to inspect the neat stuff. Follow the path
of Giants and Leprechauns. When the path diverges,
go right. Cross the bridge. Enter Tombstone Territory.
Cross the bridge. Go 20 paces and find the Feeding Area
on the left. Go 50 paces into the woods. You will see
a bridge in front of you. Look right for a 15 foot tall
stump. Replace carefully as this area gets a lot of

WPaMensan Bob