Peace and Friendship  LbNA # 7896

Placed DateApr 18 2004
LocationMiller Springs Nature Center, Belton, TX
Planted By
Found By drummerpoop
Last Found Mar 16 2013
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Peace and Friendship

The log and stamp went missing from Peace, so it has been removed until we can produce replacements. The creek has also become very difficult to cross on the Bee Suck Hollow Trail, as the bank continues to erode and it looks like the bridge will not be replaced.

We checked on Friendship 3-16-13 and it is fine, though the little "trail" to it is becoming overgrown with small saplings obscuring it a little more.

I am going to give new directions to Friendship:

Leaving the parking lot, take the Special Access Path until you get to Green Pond Trail. Green Pond Trail exits off of Special Access to the left, just before the dam wall and Armadillo Trail. You will go down a pretty steep and windy path and come to the green pond. Cross over the little creek to the other side of the canyon, and go up the trail on the other side (look around a bit for some stone steps, it's easier than crawling up that dirt ledge).

At the top of this side of the canyon, facing away from the canyon to your right at about 50 degrees (I'm guessing) is Tennessee Valley East trail.

TVE goes off into a brushy/woody area, but much of it will be open plain (pretty hot in the summer). At this time the TVE sign is missing, so it is only marked by a post with a green arrow on it.

Follow TVE until you come to a large wooden bridge crossing a stream (about 15 min). (This trail is grown up a bit with branches over the trail and later on pretty grassy.) Cross the wooden bridge, and from the monument on right side of trail go about 100 steps (1 step = 1 footfall, normal gait) down the paved trail, until you see a steep rock-face path going up the hill on your left. Don't take this trail, it's just your next landmark.

Continue down the paved path counting 18 steps past this path-head, then look to your left (NE) to see fallen logs and two big boulders. There is a very faint path, go up this path (NE) ~8 steps from the asphalt. Turn left (NW) ~3 steps. The letterbox will be about 18 inches in front of you in a rock crevice of smaller boulder which is next to big boulder. It is covered with rock and sticks.

Gps coordinates at this box:
N3106193 W9727551

NOTES: There is a lot of poison ivy in this area and while we were careful not to place the boxes near any, it grows almost onto the trail in many places. Pants are recommended if you’re allergic to it! We have also seen a rattlesnake out there in years past. This is a nature area, so there’s a lot of nature, both pleasant and unpleasant :) They are trying to restore the habitat for wild animals, so dogs are NOT permitted even on a leash because their scent frightens away animals. The wooden bridge at the end of TVE trail is a beautiful place to picnic. We like to bring along a plastic bag to pick up the trash others leave behind. There are some trash cans available out there, but no restrooms. has a link to "trails" and there you can get a map. Many of the trails are not labelled and the map can be confusing, but it's better than nothing. Email me if you have questions! Cristy: tryscience (at) hotmail (dot) com