Coffenberry Lake  LbNA # 7719 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 1 2003
LocationAstoria/ Warrenton, OR
Found By beachclan
Last Found Jun 30 2006
Hike Distance?

NOTE: This letter box is on an island in a lake, and therefore requires some sort of small personal vessel to seek out...

--- At Fort Stevens State Park, there is the classic spectacle of the Peter Iredale: a ship that wreaked on shore during a storm many years ago. It is also believed that another ship crashed on shore many years before, in what is now Coffenberry Lake. While no remnants of the ship still exist today, some believe that the ship sank beneath the lake, leaving is cargo for anyone who could find it. Thus, in the tradition of the Goonies, this letterbox let's you go on a good old-fashioned Treasure Hunt :) ---

1. Find Coffenberry Lake (In Fort Stevens State Park).
2. Find the second picnic area (Take the first left as you go into the lot; the road goes around the lake a about ¾ of a mile and ends at the right spot)
3. Launch your boat and kayak, canoe, raft, swim, or otherwise paddle to the far deserted end of the lake.
4. As you approach the end, stay to the left, and there are 4 or so islands (2 in the winter). Land on the island with a lone dead tree, and you're almost there.
5. To find the box, look in the place where all things originate (Hint: Their R____’s)

* Note, the box may be submerged in the winter due to heavy rain.