Home Sweet Home  LbNA # 7514 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerNautilus and Culex    
Placed DateMar 18 2004
Location???, ME
Found By ???
Last Found Sep 30 2006
Hike Distance?

LENGTH/TERRAIN: Drive-by if you've found the right spot!

Because of its access to river frontage this was an incredible mill town in its heyday. In 1867, Thomas Goodall founded Goodall Mills, which produced a variety of products including carriage blankets, upholstery, carpets, military uniforms, and clothing under the tradename “Palm Beach”. The thriving business was passed down to his three sons upon his death. After they passed on the company continued to produce textiles, but a shrinking market led to the company being sold to Burlington, the largest textile manufacturer in the world. Unfortunately, shortly after the sale, in 1954, the mill was closed down due to the recession in textiles and cheaper labor in the south.
Despite the eventual demise of the business, the Goodall family still is a strong influence in the town. Thomas Goodall’s decendents have lent their money and family name to many community causes including a place for large gatherings and sports events, a place to house literature, and a place of healing. It is at this last place that you must begin your search for this box.
Once you’ve found the place of healing, head southeast on the sixth month of the year. Continue straight to meet the thirtieth president. Soon you’ll also have the opportunity to mingle with the man who preceded him in office. Then you will have to find the legal drinking age in the state of Maine and look beneath steps leading up to the resting place for Aqualung (think Jethro Tull!) to find what you seek.

NOTE: This is located on private property, but don't worry, we certainly have permission from the owners! Also, this box does not contain an inkpad, so please plan to bring one with you. There may also be an opportunity for exchanges if your timing is right!

(carved by Nautilus)