Pedro Post--South of the Border  LbNA # 7489 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMar 14 2004
LocationDillon, SC
Found By GreyCrazy
Last Found Dec 1 2004
Hike Distance?


This is a "drive-by" letterbox. You will also need to bring you own ink pad or markers.

This is my favorite letterbox yet, and I'm sure the hand-carved stamp will be one of your favorites as well. Anyone who has traveled I-95 and crossed the North/South Carolina border knows what South of the Border is. The lovable grinning Pedro in the oversized sombrero speaks to tourist though quirky billboards. Lots of billboards.

Well, next time you stop to admire the 97 foot tall neon sign, or play mini-golf, or buy cheap souvenirs, or ride the elevator to the top of Sombrero Tower, you can’t forget to find this letterbox. It’s easy, and you’ll love the stamp.

Go behind Pedro’s Coffee Shop. Find the segment of railroad tracks that suddenly end. Right next to the tracks is a shrub by a lamp post. At the base of the shrub that is closest to the lamp post and the end of the tracks is the letterbox.

We put a few postcards in the box so you can send us a postcard of your stamp if you are so inclined!

Also, if you happen to have a slightly longer box at your disposal, feel free to switch for our small box. The small box is nice, but just a little tight for this one because of the postcards.