Bald Head Island Lighthouse  LbNA # 7488 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMar 13 2004
LocationBald Head Island, NC
Found By Ocelot
Last Found Aug 10 2008
Hike Distance?


First I have to tell you that this letterbox will take some money to get to because it is on a remote island resort. But I should also tell you that there is a very nice hand-carved stamp waiting for you among the wind-swept woods guarding Old Baldy--the state’s oldest standing lighthouse (1817). The trip will be quite a memorable experience. We enjoyed a very remarkable sunset on the island as well.

From the Indigo Plantation Marina in Southport, NC, ferries leave on the hour for Bald Head Island. The cost is $15 per person round-trip, with an additional $7 to park. There are no vehicles on the island, and while you can walk its 4 mile length, you may want to rent a golf cart or bike. More $. Finally, Old Baldy is open for climbing, at a cost of $3-$5 more. There are restaurants, shops, cottages, golf courses, and tennis courts on the island in addition to nature trails and beaches good for shelling.

The obvious landmark here is Old Baldy, now obsolete due to shifting shores and the much newer lighthouse on Oak Island. If you face the lighthouse with the historic sign directly in front of you, the keeper’s cottage (gift center) will be on your left. Further to the left you will see a foot path. As you walk this path, for a distance of only a few yards you will be between two fences. At the time of writing, neither of their fences was painted, whereas the fence around the actual lighthouse is painted white. As you walk away from the lighthouse, you will see and unusual cedar tree on the left at the path’s edge. The letterbox is at the base of this tree. It is loosely buried in sand and leaves among the roots of this tree. The stamp is hand-carved, and one of my favorites so far.