Myrtle Beach Shell Collection  LbNA # 7480 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMar 8 2004
LocationMyrtle Beach, SC
Found By GreyCrazy
Last Found Jul 25 2004
Hike Distance?


Find Futrell Park on 11th Ave North (aka Joe White Avenue) between 17 and 17 Business (the two major roads in Myrtle Beach). The park is next to the Fire Station #1. In the center of the park is a pond with a fountain in it. On the pond is a wide pier. As you walk to the pier, you will notice where the concrete sidewalk meets the wooden boardwalk of the pier. Look closely where the concrete meets wood and you will notice a granite rock covering a hole. The box is within.

There could potentially be a lot of people in this park, so be discreet. Also—I forgot to write the date of placement in the logbook (3/8/04) or put any of the usual “This is a letterbox, please do not remove…” type warning. If you find the box and don’t mind writing this in the book, it would be greatly appreciated. I was many miles down the road before I realized this oversight!