The Clean Getaway  LbNA # 7452

OwnerThe Weathergleams    
Placed DateMar 14 2004
Location???, ME
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Last Found Apr 29 2009
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When the waters were dried from the earth, Noah went forth, and his sons and his wife and his sons' wives with him. And every beast, every creeping thing and every bird, everything that moves upon the earth, went forth by families from the Ark.

Then Noah built an altar to the LORD, and went to take one of every clean animal, to make burnt offerings on the altar.

Now, some of the the clean animals weren't too keen on this. Clean animals were those that the people were allowed to eat, and unlike the unclean animals, Noah had brought seven pairs of each clean animal, and so could well afford to barbecue a few now that the trip was over. While most of the animals milled about resignedly, a small group of nonconformists planned a daring escape.

With a couple of covert signals, they sidled over to the edge of the herd. When Noah turned to lecture Ham on the right way to build a fire, the animals made a break for it. They ran sort of southerly from the Ark, downhill, as fast as they could, and quickly hid, as Noah was pretty spry for a 600 year old. After huffing and puffing after them, Noah gave up, went back, yelled at Ham about how to tend a herd and finally plopped down in a lawn chair by the altar while Shem and Japheth prepared the offerings and their wives helped Mrs. Noah with the lentil salad. The renegade animals were never seen again.

However, if you look carefully, you can find one of each kind of clean animal still hiding out in the nooks and crannies of four large and rocky dens in the hillside running southerly from the Ark (the first two dens are separated by twin pines with shared roots, and each den is adjacent to the next). Here are some hints:

In one den, one animal is hiding up high, in the middle of the left, another is in a hole in the center, surrounded by boulders, and yet another is to the right behind a rectangle.

In another den, two animals are in the back, one up to the left and one up to the right, while a third is behind a verdant rock.

In another den, one is to the left, under a tree, one is to the right, down under a ledge, and another is very high up on the right (approach this one with care, from above, by the tree).

In another den, one is high on the left, but not in the highest place.

Is that everyone? If you're not sure, the roll call is found at Deut 14:4 and 5.

You will have to move around, but no rockclimbing is necessary. Use common sense. We're going to treat these as microboxes, so log the number of animals found next to your stamp at the Ark. Please rehide all the boxes carefully and, as always, have fun!

The Weathergleams, Tornado Boy and Cheese Mouse