The Bella of Me  LbNA # 72247

OwnerLydia and Bella Popp    
Placed DateOct 2 2017
LocationCaseville Historical Society, Caseville, MI
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Last EditedOct 4 2017

Some letterbox clues tell you exactly where to go, like, "go past the big tree" or "cross the stream." And some are mysterious- they are poems or riddles. To find Bella's self titled, "the Bella of Me" letterbox, decode the clues! Each letter of the alphabet is assigned a number, A=1, B=2, C=3, and so on.
9,20,19 21,14,4,5,18 20,8,5 19,9,4,5 19,20,1,9,18,19,3,1,19,5.