Duck In The Park  LbNA # 7217 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateFeb 22 2004
LocationYuba City, CA
Found By Trimfam
Last Found Mar 25 2007
Hike Distance?

From the south: Take Hwy 99 North to Yuba City

From the north: Take Hwy 99 South to Yuba City

Get off on “her majesty’s” Ave and turn left.

Then turn right onto Stabler Lane.

Travel down a ways and turn right on the Garden of _______.

Turn right down a street whose wood is always colored.

Than turn left on a street with the name of something used to keep warm.

Park at the yellow fire hydrant. Get out and follow the path you see, count the trees on the left as you go along stop when you get to the swings. Multiply the number of trees by 4 and go that many paces east. When you get to the tallest tree continue east until you reach the line of bushes. Count the bushes starting at the smallest behind the tree. Stop counting when you get to the forked tree. Walk the same number of paces the same as the number of bushes you counted. From there head southwest to the oldest tree between two young ones. Head straight behind the tree and find the biggest bush along the fence. Hidden among the branches is the Duck In The Park.