Kettletown Bible Bugs  LbNA # 72120

OwnerMusty Shrooms/Lucente Six    
Placed DateAug 24 2017
CountyNew Haven
LocationKettletown State Park, Miller Trail, Southbury, CT, CT
Found By Eagle & Teapot
Last Found Oct 3 2017
Hike Distance?
Last EditedAug 24 2017

These boxes were planted by my four children and I as our first letterboxing attempt. The stamps are simple but hand-made. We choose bugs that are specifically mentioned in the Bible as we found that idea interesting. You don't have to know of, care for, or study this book to enjoy the simple adventure of finding our bugs. (We have included a verse with each bug. We encourage you to look it up. Each verse is taken from the King James Version.)

We hope you like the Miller Trail hike. It is a easy hike, with one short, moderately difficult uphill section. The first part of the hike is a bit rocky as well. Otherwise, it is a gentle walk.

The letterboxes are all hidden on the Miller Trail at Kettletown State Park in Southbury, CT. Please bring a trail map as it will help greatly. We printed one we found online. There are maps at the rangers office as well. We have been there twice and paid no fees to hike. Please note: The website does say there are fees for the swimming area when open. When entering the park off George's Hill Road, you will pass a shack. Drive straight and bear right at the sign saying "Youth group areas". We parked near the "ONE WAY" sign to the right. The entrance to the Miller Trail is there. There is a stake there and a fence.

The boxes are noted in order of location along the trail. All four can be found on this one trail. This trail can be 1 to 2 hours in length depending on the time you take at each box and whether or not you choose to take the shortcut BR trail.

Box #1 - Spider - Take the Miller Trail/Blue Trail past the gate to the Y. At the Y, take the left trail uphill. At the .24 mile mark you will see the Blue-Orange trails to the left that take you to overlooks. (There are two letterboxes in that overlook area, "Kettletown" and "Classy Campers". They were fun finds, planted by other folks.) Go to the overlooks if you would like, then return to this spot. Here you will see a tree with a blue frame to the left and another tree straight ahead with 3 blazes on it. Continue on the Blue Blazed Trail to the right. Very quickly and on the left you will pass a large tree with an unusual mossy root ball. Keep going. Our spider is near. A bit further you will notice a large, almost flat rock on the left. It is about 10 feet in length and 4 feet across. Search at the far end of it in a crack for our spider. (Note: If you pass a 2-sister tree with 2 blue blazes on it at the left, you went too far.)

Box #2 - Moth - After replacing our spider neatly, please return to the trail. Our moth is next. Continue on the Blue Trail past that 2-sister tree mentioned above. Very quickly you will come to the Blue-Red shortcut to the right. Don't take it...At least, not yet. Continue to the left on the Blue Trail. About 50 feet from the Blue-Red fork, you will see a 3-sister tree on the left. The three sisters are different sizes, thin, medium, and wider. At the base of it, you will find our moth. (Note: you can reach in from the top or move the stones at the base. If you choose to move the stones, please put them back first, then deposit the letterbox in the higher hole and it will fall into place.)

Box #3 - Ant - At this point you can decide if you would like to continue on the Blue Trail for a short while or return to the Blue-Red fork area. Either way you will find the next box. If you continue on the Blue, note the spot at which you meet the Blue-Red trail again. It will be on your right. If you decide to backtrack. Take the Blue-Red Trail. It Ts at the Blue Trail and a rock fence/wall. Turn right at the wall and continue up the trail with the wall at your left. Where the wall at the left ends you will find the ant. The wall curves in a corner. Two trees split the wall. The trail runs through these two trees. A pointed rock touches its nose to the left tree here at the break in the wall. Another point hides the ant.

Box #4 - Hornet - Continue on the Blue Trail. The distance to the next bug is longer than the distance between the first three. The Miller Trail takes a sharp turn around to the right to run parallel to the campground road. Just past the curve and at the right of the trail is a large boulder with a blue blaze and a small tree growing out of it. Pass this. Continue towards the spot where you started your adventure. Also on the right you will see a tall V, 2-sister tree. It has a blue blaze on it. To the far right you will see three large boulders. Put your back to the V tree and walk towards the largest of the three boulders. It should be about 30 to 35 steps away. Facing the boulder, search to the right in a crevice for the hornet's "nest".

If you continue on the trail, you will quickly see your vehicle. We hope you enjoyed our Bible Bug search. Please let us know if you found anything out of order. Our email address is