A Rocky Trail  LbNA # 7205 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateFeb 18 2004
LocationDavis, CA
Found By Da Kool Kats
Last Found Oct 3 2004
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A Rocky Trail
By Kids at "Holm Together”

Next time you visit the Explorit Science Center at 3141-5th Street in Davis California spend a few extra minutes of your time (10-15 minutes) to go on a Letterbox hunt.

We wanted this to be fun for the kids so we made this a fairly easy hunt. We estimated it would take approximately 10-15 minutes to find. We enclosed a pencil so the kids can sign the book (first name recommended only) but if you would like to send us a letter please feel free to take one of the self addressed stamped envelopes enclosed in our box and drop us a line. We also enclosed an ink pad so no need to carry one with you.

Starting from the Explorit Science Center parking lot look for three tall trees (a twig from specific of tree has been from of old as a symbol of peace) proceed between two of these down a gopher-holed path. Follow this path until it intersects another path and turns black. Turn north and soon you will pass a place on your left where groups often gather to dine. Turn West at a low steel maze where cyclists park, follow this path until the trail forks. Take the left and continue on over a wooden bridge. You will follow the path this way and that, if you see some boulders along side the path you are on the right track. Soon you will cross 29 planks and you are almost there! Just after some hairy looking bushes you will see a family of Rosemarys on your left, beyond which is a large rock bed. Your job now is to find a white rock that looks like an egg the size an emu might lay. Near the white rock you will look for a rock that is shaped like french bread. Between and under a big one and the french bread lie the treasure you seek!

When everything is tucked neatly in its place and out of sight make sure you take a picture of those in your group while they sit on the boulders. The evergreens make a perfect backdrop for an outdoor photo shoot.

We hope you enjoyed our letterbox hunt.

Placed by Kids at "Holm Together”