Our First Letterbox  LbNA # 7182 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateFeb 16 2004
CountyOther International
LocationSydney, INT
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This, we believe, will be not only our first Letterbox placing, but will also be the first Letterbox in Australia.

We are the 2 Dogs, long time participants of Geocaching now trying to start Letterboxing in this country, but in the Letterboxing world we would like to be known as "Crazy Cows".

OUR FIRST letterbox is located at Berowra Waters Ferry. A pretty little spot north of Sydney, Australia and popular for all sorts of marine activities including boating fishing and swimming. Adding to the charm of course is the car ferry ride itself.

On the Old Pacific Hwy, just east of Berowra Railway Station is the turn off to Berowra Waters Ferry. This is via Berowra Waters Road. Follow this Road and the signage to the Ferry. The road is very steep and windy as it snakes it's way down to the waters, so watch out because of the ever present roadworks repairing the common rock slides that take place. At the bottom you will see the signs for the car ferry crossing but you will need to stay on this (eastern) side of the river and find some parking. Turn right before the old boatshed and you should be able to find parking along this side road that goes on for about 300 metres.

On foot return to the main road just up from the ferry and you will see a sign saying "Berowra Valley Bushland Park. To the right of this sign are some concrete steps leading up into the bush and behind a private building. The first landing has a large sign telling you that this is "The great North Walk" you should be walking toward "Sydney Cove and Crosslands" etc. Continue up the steps and past the rear of the building and very soon the concrete steps begin to take you down again and closer to the waters edge. A short time after the last concrete step you will use 4 log steps that drop you further and closer to the water there to reach a bare patch by the very edge of the river. The trail has been built up with log edging to prevent erosion, there is also a large tree right at the waters edge that has a thick blue rope around it's base, probably used to secure a boat mooring below. At this clearing on the main trail there is a single log step. Using this log step as a starting point, count 9 paces along the trail (toward Sydney Cove)then look to your left. About 5 metres up the rise is a burnt tree with two low level boulders to it's left. The rear (eastern) most boulder has a cavity under it and this is where the letterbox is located. There is only a chunk of burnt wood hiding the entrance to the hole and letterbox therein.

The box is also a Geocache (a hybrid as they are known). The bottom half is for Geocachers and the top compartment contains a Tupperware type box with the usual letterboxing gear including note pad, a personalised stamp to commemorate this pioneering Letterbox and an ink pad. Please only use the letterboxing section if you are a genuine Letterboxer and have a personlised stamp for the book.

We thank you for your participation and truly look forward to seeing who will be the first finder of our first letterbox and the first Letterbox finder in Australia.

Please let us know when you find it by contacting us at the following email address.


If the Letterbox has been damaged please drop us a note at the same address.

Crazy Cows