Westwood Hills Regional Park (NEW INFORMATION)  LbNA # 7166 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateFeb 15 2004
LocationNapa, CA
Planted Bypaintedlady&panther    
Found By paintedlady&panther
Last Found Apr 20 2008
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(Originally placed by Lisa and now adopted by paintedlady&panther).

Westwood Hills Regional Park Letterboxes (2)

Date Placed: 2/15/04
Placed by: lhinz@sbcglobal.net

We have adopted these two wonderful Letterboxes with permission from letterboxing.org. #1 "Meadow Trail Letterbox" is definitely still in place. It is very well hidden, so explore every nook and cranny. If you have attempted to find it, but could not, please try again. Many Letterboxers have found this Letterbox and the Logbook is very enjoyable to read. We think that #2 "Giant Eucalyptus Letterbox" may be missing. We have searched the entire area and cannot locate it. We, therefore, have placed a new Letterbox #2--"Giant Eucalyptus: Give a Hoot". (Of course, anyone who has already found the original #2 Letterbox is welcome to also find the new "Give a Hoot" Letterbox.) We think that we have placed it in the same location as the original but cannot be absolutely positive, so it is possible that you may still find the original. In any case, there are definitely 2 Letterboxes to find on this hike. Updated 5/31/07 by paintedlady&panther.

From Highway 29 in Napa take First Street exit west, then continue as it becomes Brown’s Valley Road. After 1 mile the park entrance is on your left.

Distance: 2-mile loop
Grade: easy
Trail Maps are available at the nature center open weekends 1-4 pm


Enter the park from the parking lot. Climb through the Eucalyptus grove. At the top of the hill, you will find yourself at “five points,” a place where five trails come together.

Continue straight onto Meadow Trail and follow the trail through the beautiful green meadow. (Please note that on paintedlady&panther's last visit, the trail markers were missing! We don't know if or when they will be replaced, but here's a trick in case they're gone. Sit on the bench at the top of "five points". Place your right hand in your lap with the fingers spread out wide. Each finger will be pointing in the approximate direction of one of the trails. Meadow Trail is the trail that your index finger is pointing closest to.)

At the top of Meadow Trail, you will find a bench. Sit on the bench and look to your right. There is a small trail leading up the hill. Hike to the top until you find a picnic table.

Sitting at the picnic table, overlooking the meadow that you just came from, follow the path to the left, back down into the meadow. When you come to a small creek in winter (a dry ditch in summer), do not cross the ditch.

Turn 90 degrees to the right and a little behind towards a large oak tree.

The Letterbox is in a hollow under the first root branch to the right of the large main root (behind a rock).

Please be discreet when removing the Letterbox. Replace the rock and make sure that the Letterbox is well hidden.


From "five points," facing the Meadow Trail (with your back to the trail leading to the park entrance), take the Rocky Ridge Trail to your right. (If the Rocky Ridge Trail sign is missing, use the spread-finger technique. Follow the trail nearest to where your middle finger is pointing.)

Follow the Rocky Ridge Trail all the way to its end where you will find a wooden gate.

Go through the wooden gate and continue along the dirt path.

At the first “Y” (26 paces down this dirt path) you will see a four-trunk tree on the left. Follow the “Y” to the right.

Pass under the crossed trees.

At the next “Y,” follow the path to the left.

Shortly look for the Giant Eucalyptus Tree on your right.

Nearby you will find “the Rock” in the path.

Stand on "the Rock" facing the Giant Eucalyptus Tree, point 90 degrees to your left to a large mound of rocks.

As you stand on "the Rock," look at the large mound of rocks in front of you. If you peer through the bushes a little to your left at the large mound of rocks, you will notice a small "opening" between the large mound of rocks and a medium rock. Carefully make your way through the bushes into this "opening". Walk carefully and curve around to the right. Soon you will see a pile of little rocks on your left between a medium rock and a small rock. The large mound of rocks will be on your right. The Letterbox is hidden beneath the pile of little rocks. This is the only type of little-rock pile formation in this area, so we hope that it will be obvious. I checked this Letterbox on 4/20/08 and it was missing. I have replaced it with a temporary store-bought stamp for now and will carve another stamp ASAP. I also placed a yard-stick length tree branch in front of the little-rock pile (although, I'm not sure how long it will stay there) for easier location.

Please be discreet when removing the Letterbox. When replacing it, please make sure that the little rocks cover the container and the location does not appear disturbed.

There are two ways to exit the park. EITHER retrace your steps and return the way you came OR when you pass through the wooden gate, note that you will come to a path that leads up and down the hill. Turn down the path (left). This path is quite steep, but it will lead you down to the first trail toward the front of the park. Follow this trail straight down the hill and turn left at the bottom. It will take you to the parking lot!

Special Side Trip: There is often a fun swinging tree at Westwood Hills. Every now and then the rope is missing or has been swung up into the high branches, but most of the time it's there. After you have found the 2nd Letterbox, you are quite close. After you pass through the wooden gate, you will come to a path that leads up and down the hill. Turn right to go up the hill. Continue until you see a large oak tree with a rope swing (approximately 90 steps). This is it! Please test the rope and the branch before swinging. It's up to everyone to determine whether it's safe for him or her. We've been many times and have never had a problem! Swinging trees are hard to find, so ENJOY!


We would appreciate if you could let us know if you have found a Letterbox, if one is missing, if you found the original #2 or if a Letterbox needs First Aid. Thanks and have fun!