Heading to the Hobbit Tree  LbNA # 71486

OwnerCentral Oregon Larson    
Placed DateJun 8 2017
LocationSmith Rock State Park, Terrebonne, OR
Found By Central Oregon Larson
Last Found Jun 12 2017
Hike Distance3-5 mi
Last EditedJun 12 2017

This series of Letterboxes were set up by students of Terrebonne Community School during their annual week of Smith Rock Outdoor School . Terrebonne Community School is a community oriented K-8 public school, located in the heart of Terrebonne Oregon. Our students have been raised with the splendor of Smith Rock in their back yard.
The three letterboxes are the culmination of a week of work from our middle school students. They piggy-back on each other. We hope you enjoy them.
* All clues and letterboxes are on well-established trails and care was taken to plant the letterboxes in places not too “snakey”.
*You will need a compass.

To Begin:
At the far North end parking lot where the road loops back on itself and heads south again, past the visitor center. Park at the North Parking lot.

Heading to The Hobbit Tree: (part 1-box1)
(From the north parking lot at Smith Rock State Park).
You will find this spot “reserved” four chairs.
Continue DOWN the trail to the homestead.
Walk on down the path. It’s slippery with rocks so watch your footing. Walk down those slabs of rock until you find a resting spot. Sit, rest a moment and take in the view.
Continue downward, zigging and zagging back and forth until you reach a path that diverges at a switchback. From this point, you can look down hill and see the river and a large Ponderosa Pine tree as well as a path that leads close to the hillside and skirts the slope. Chose the path that takes you down to the river and the tree, directly.
At the bottom of the hill, look for the wooden warp to the South. Go in the direction the tip of the warp does point.
Stay along the calm river trail and fallen woods.
Pass over the path supported by modern lumber and steel.
Look for the funny burned stump that could look like a camel gazing at the spires across. He’s almost in the middle of the trail.
Continue on until you reach the wired tree on the rivers’ edge.
At the bend, you will see a river of rocks, black and white. A tall snag, topped. If you see the bridge, you are on the right track.
At the green and crossing, cross the large wooden planks and head upstream on the Wolf-Tree trail.
Pass the cave.
You will pass through two trees fallen near the trail. Both are down and dead, one trees’ stump faces inward towards the trail with its head pointing away while the other, across the trail, is at an angle to its fallen brother. The angled tree has what looks like a rhinoceros horn jutting into the trail.
Continue on, your on the right track.
Soon you will see, on the river’s side, a “twin” tree. One big, one small. A large rock sits at its base with an animal trail leading down to the river.
Follow the established trail you are on. After a few moments look across the river. Do you see the giant Ponderosa Pine you passed earlier, with the warp in the south? You’re almost there.
Take cover under the tree that dwarfs you and encircles you like a cave to the ground.
Stand on the bow of the Titanic-rock, across from the bench.
Face NW at 270 degrees
Your first treasure is hidden at the base of a beast of a boulder.

Shake Hands with a Juniper (part 2-box 2)
From the Tree that dwarfs you, continue on the established trail in the direction you were heading, upstream.
You will pass a point where the trail spits with plants separating the two. It converges again within 15-20 feet.
It says on a sign at your left, “Eagle climbing closure”. Can’t go there, so continue on.
You will find your surroundings peaceful, when you see to your right, a trail leading to a birdhouse on a giant riverside Ponderosa. Steer clear and go left.
If you look left, up high on the rock, a nest is perched.
Go forward and you should find yourself among Ponderosas. Lined up and standing tall. Nearest you is a Ponderosa like the last, dwarfing you with its branches low and wild.
Climb inside the beckoning cave that this second spot makes.
Walk to the far side of this giant and follow the limb that reaches to shake hands with a Juniper.
Here at it’s base, you will find a letterbox, for sure.

Last, But Not Lost (part 3-box 3)
Continue to the left, the path of needles and pine, isn’t it so divine?
Find the post that stands out the most. Look to your left for the eagle nest. That’s how you know you’re on the go.
Pass a row of red-orange trees. No more than 13 and no less than 9.
You’ll walk past where it looks like a land-slide of rocks.
Stop at the “Y” in the trail, do not cry, 40 degrees up-slope towards the trees.
Between two trees, down on your knees, beneath the rock. You have reached your spot.