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Placed DateFeb 13 2004
LocationFlorence, SC
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African Americans at Mars Bluff -Because of lack of formal education the African American history was not recorded. Story telling was the means used to pass historic information from generation to generation. Many of these stories were lost or changed through the years. Consequently little is known about where the Mars Bluff African Americans had come from in Africa

Travel on Palmetto St. (76/301) east toward Myrtle Beach. Go through the intersection with the FMU Marquee sign. You will see a historical marker on your right. Turn right and park at the cabins on the left. Read about Ms. Catherine’s house. Note how many brooms and what kind did Ms Janie Pinkney make: go there. Follow the red bricks till the end, go right 8 paces, turn left at the corner look for a small holly bush. Make half a left turn at the bush. What you are looking for is before your eyes. Remember an old hymn “Rock of Ages”. Please make sure no one is looking while you stamp. Please return the box to its original location carefully. Thank you.

In Memory Of Our People
For All Their Hard Work.
For The Blood And Tears Shed
So That We As A People
Might Progress………….