Chloe's PEAKED trilogy  LbNA # 71200

Placed DateApr 19 2017
Found By Rocky's Sister
Last Found Oct 3 2017
Hike Distance2-3 mi
Last EditedApr 19 2017

Dragongracer is a 7-year-old girl that loves hiking, and letter boxing. She decided to make her own letterboxes at her favorite hiking location, Peaked Mountain. There are 3 boxes in this trilogy, be sure to bring your own ink pad and pen! These are all located inside of circular tupperware that screws on and off.

BOX 1: Park in the main parking lot (with the big trail map and wooden fence around the lot). Enter the trail through the main path. Stay on the main path (it will fork off to smaller paths on left and right, but stay on main red dot path!). Eventually you will arrive at a sitting pond on the right side. There is a beautiful stone bench dedicated to Colleen P. Russo in front of the pond (which is full of cool fish and froggies!). Stand in front of the bench with it to your left and starting from the end, walk about 10 steps to a tree with 3 trunks and a yellow dot. From this tree, about 5 steps in front of you will be a dead log (approx. 10 ft long) with a second smaller log crossing at the front. 'X' marks the spot where these 2 logs meet, under them you will find box #1!

BOX 2: after you leave the pond, keep following the path. At the top the path will go left or right. There is a sign marked 7 in front of you. Behind the #7 sign to the left is a large rock. Behind this rock are 3 smaller rocks. Behind these 3 smaller rocks is box # 2!!!

BOX 3: If you are facing the 7 sign, take the path to your right. We always go up the mountain this way! You will come to a sign marked 10, follow the path to the right (it will veer left almost immediately, so the 10 is behind you to your left) There will be a tree with a red dot- Follow this path dubbed "the rocky trail." Towards the end of the path, you will have to climb a small "hill" of rocks, they are not difficult to get up- more like a natural rock staircase. follow this path until you reach an opening to your right and woods to your left. There will be a small thin tree with a rock in front of it and a small thin stump to the right of it. Turn right and follow the large flat rock "Stairs", there will be 3 and on the 3rd (last) there will be a large pine tree to your left. This is Chloe's climbing tree! Go past her climbing pine tree and you will see a large, flat rock to your left. There is a smaller rock toward the bottom left of it. Behind this rock wedged into the gap is Box #3, Congrats!

Enjoy the rest of your hike, the sights are beautiful!