Florence National Cemetery  LbNA # 7095

Placed DateFeb 8 2004
LocationFlorence, SC
Planted Bythe Dawg Pound    
Found By GirlsTogether
Last Found Mar 29 2008
Hike Distance?

Originally planted by Amanda and adopted in October 2007 by Dawg Pound.

National Cemetery is open from dawn to dusk. Please abide by this request as it is a very sacred place. Clues will be given so that you can learn the true name of this box.
Be sure to take paper to write down answers.
Starting at the small parking lot on the left as you enter, go to 1st row of stones facing lot (Yolanda Grimsey) walk to 13th stone & turn right passing lone stone of Florence Budwin (1st American Woman to be buried in a National Cemetery. She dressed as a man to be able to serve with her husband)continue walking straight to large free standing plaque. Read both sides, on the back note 6th word on 2nd row. With plaque to your back, walk to 3 trunk tree. Note the age of the person at the 2nd stone to the right. Continue walking to your right toward the brick wall and stop at the 5th stone from the end - note second letter of middle name. Proceed to end of row, turn left & continue to last row at brick wall. At last row, turn left continue past 3 stones, note 6th letter of first name; proceed past 8 more stones (under old oak tree) note 2nd letter of last name; continue past 6 more stones, note middle initial; continue past 16 stones, note 4th letter of last name; continue past 28 more stones, note 4th letter of 1st name; facing this stone turn 180 degrees and go to 4th from last stone at other end, note 3rd letter of 1st name. Facing this stone turn left, go to end of row and around bushes, proceed across drive to small area of stones around bell. Find Civil War 103rd PA regiment on back row and look carefully.

Combine letters for name of box: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

After locating box turn around and look at the vast # of stones, and with a moment of silence, pay tribute to our FREEDOM!