Kelsey Creek Farm  LbNA # 7027 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateFeb 1 2004
LocationBellevue, WA
Found By Box Busters
Last Found Sep 2 2007
Hike Distance?

Formerly Kelsey Creek Park (but Mischief is focusing on other sites these days, so we've "adopted" it)

AS OF APRIL 2, 2005 ALL 3 Boxes are happily ensconced in their respective hollows -- have fun finding them!

From I-405... Take the SE 8th St. exit and head east. Pass under the train trestle and go straight across the Lake Hills Connector Road. The road will wind through a residential area, go straight through the first stop sign. Where the street comes to a "T" (at the second stop sign), turn left, and the park will be on the right. Signs give directions to the parking lot.
A 150-acre Brigadoon of forest and wetlands lies in the heart of Bellevue and offers a glimpse of this city's recent rural past. Two historic barns harbor numerous farm animals, and children can go on farm tours and participate in programs (call for info).

The ridge to the east of the farm harbors a beautiful forest of big-leaf maples, alders, black cottonwoods and vine maples (brilliant in fall), with scattered Douglas firs, cedars and spruce. The forest is a great place to view some of the first flowers of spring, when the showy yellow bracts of skunk cabbage light up the moist areas alongside the trails.

Park closes at dusk.

Clues - Easy. Straight forward directions.

Trek - Easy, with short manageable slopes. Recently regraded, almost stroller worthy (1 set of steps makes it only "almost")

Time to complete - 1/2 hour (stroll, it's lovely!)

Weather Factors - Could be a bit muddy in the rain. Water can gather on the boardwalks. Plan accordingly.

Kids and Dogs - Dogs on a leash are allowed on the hiking trails... but not in the farm area. (boxes are found in the hiking area) Easy walk for kids. Great for the "littlest" ones. Park is great fun for the little kids (they recently removed all the BIG kid toys), and well suited for a picnic.

From the parking area, head east to the "Kelsey Creek West Tributary" bridge. Continue east to the "Lake to Lake" trail sign. Follow the trail up and over the hill, and past the compost area. At the intersection, continue along the trail to the left looking for a foot bridge on the left.

Cross the foot bridge and stop at the T intersection. To your right there is a gnarly multi-trunk tree. You'll find box #1, placed by "Twilight". A light to guide you by is hidden under some bark at it's base on the south-west side of the tree (‘round back from the Boardwalk).

At the T intersection, go right along the cedar chip path. You'll cross 3 board walks and then the path makes a hairpin turn around a lovely little glade. Pass the knobby tree on the left and cross 2 more boardwalks. Look for a log on the right side of the path. A small animal has left his tracks in Box #2 for you (placed by "Sunshine")nestled behind this log.

Follow the path to a Y intersection and follow the left branch. Keep going left-ish. Go up the trail, crossing 2 boardwalks and a set of stairs (not necessarily in that order) and at the Trail Marker, go “straight” (20 degrees), following the arrow that says "Kelsey Creek Farm .3 miles". Cross 3 more boardwalks and take 13 steps from the end of the last boardwalk to the large Cedar Tree on your Left. On the S side of the tree, at the base, under bark is the first box that launched this silliness, Mischief's little guy is cute as a bug in a rug hiding behind this tree. (Re-Placed and maintained by "Twilight").

Continue a short distance down the trail and make a right at the intersection. Go back across the bridge where you started. Follow the trail to the right to return to the parking area. The kid's area and the farm are both South from the parking lot.